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Cortona3D RapidAuthor hardware requirements →

UAC and Cortona3D software →

Installing RapidAuthor without Internet access →

Problems running RapidAuthor tools after installing updates for Windows 10 →

RapidAuthor installation issues: clean everything →


Add the License Server to server list on client computer →

Floating license activation using license file →

License transfer →

Node–locked license activation using license file →

Node–locked license activation using activation key →

Floating license activation using activation key →

Floating license – check the ports in use →

Two different versions of one tool on the same License Server →

License Server is not running, "failed to reread licenses" error message →

"License is invalid. License has expired." error message when launching a tool after product activation →

Data Import

Exporting Cortona3D import profile →

Import profile protection →

Add and start using custom Import Profile →

Levels of details – custom import profile →

Textured CAD import →

Automatic DPL–table mapping from CAD during import →

How to export log file from the RapidGenerator →

Representations, low level of details after import →

How to resolve the "Main class not found" error in RapidGenerator →

Managing projects

Back up Cortona3D RapidAuthor projects →

How to transfer projects between working spaces →

Export Cortona3D project as VMP →

Restoring custom projects lost from a demo working space after RapidAuthor reinstall →


Cortona3D product documentation →

Working with large assemblies: best practices →

Loading big assemblies into one project: limitations →

Adding a custom object gallery element →

Open project created in one RapidAuthor tool in another tool (Open as) →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: make the "refresh" procedure quicker →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: scale an object →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: implement warning and caution messages →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: rotate an object with an arrow →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: add Screw Motion →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: invert animations →

RapidManual/RapidLearning: export a part of the procedure →

RapidManual: make 2D images visible in DITA publications →

RapidWorkInstruction: refresh the parts list in the document →

RapidCatalog: create URL links in the DPL table to point to other projects →

2D authoring: capture raster image →

2D authoring: launch 2D Editor from RapidAuthor →

2D authoring: improve the quality of 2D images →

2D authoring: preview CGM thumbnails in Windows Explorer →

Improving 3D PDF quality →

Improving 3D performance →

Animations are not displayed on virtual machines →

Performance of RapidAuthor with antivirus software →


Placing Cortona3D Solo library on a web server →

Running HTML5 publication on a local web server →

Customize PDF templates →

PDF publishing custom settings/template →

PDF and 3D PDF publishing in RapidAuthor →

RapidAuthor publication structure →

Batch publishing – publish multiple projects at once →

Publishing RapidAuthor projects (HTML) →

Viewing publications

Viewing publications →

Offline viewing of RapidAuthor plugin-free publications →

Supported VRML nodes →

Adobe Acrobat Reader - recommended settings for 3D PDF →

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS: content upload instructions →

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS: supported file types →

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS: the text is invisible in 3D procedures →

Using Cortona3D Viewer

Opening plugin-based HTML publications in Microsoft Edge browser →

Stereo 3D with Cortona3D Viewer →

Cortona3D Viewer supports VRML 2.0 →

Installing Cortona Viewers and configuring browser settings →

Why user cannot change the installation path of Cortona3D Viewer →

Cortona3D Viewer doesn't render big 3D scenes in any 32–bit supported internet browser →

Problems with navigation in Cortona3D viewers →

Google Chrome ends support of NPAPI plugins →

Viewer fails to start – error messages →

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