RapidAuthor 14.1: support for S1000D in Service Planner integration, improved import, improved clipboard, Join Lines tool, thick and thin line illustration techniques, new parametric objects, and more

1 September 2022

The latest version of Cortona3D authoring suite, a software solution for digitalizing technical documentation is already available. Version 14.1 comes with important improvements in the data import process, support for S1000D in Service Planner integration, and makes it easier to work with JT format. We updated RapidAuthor by adding new tools such as the Join Lines tool for 2D editing, support for thick and thin line illustration techniques, new commands Cut, Copy, and Paste for selected objects and new parametric objects for authoring. Keep reading to know the details.

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Cortona3D Viewer for iOS 3.1: new rendering modes, weighted blended order-independent transparency for rendering translucent geometry, support for zoom limits in procedures, and more

10 March 2022

We upgraded Cortona3D Viewer for iOS to make your work with 3D and 2D technical publications more comfortable. Cortona3D Viewer for iOS is an application that allows viewing RapidAuthor publications – procedures and catalogs from the native app.

New rendering modes: outline selection and X-ray selection
Starting from version 3.1, you can view 3D objects in Outline...

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 14.0.1: a new concept of universal styles for the 2D editor, support for realistic shading, new parametric objects, and commands for quick documentation authoring

15 February 2022

Cortona3D releases a new version of RapidAuthor 14.0.1, a software solution for creating interactive documentation for manufacturing and after-sales support. The new version introduces universal styles for the 2D editor, automatic generation of raster images with realistic shading, new objects for demonstrating operations with flat cables and plugs, and new capabilities for creating...

Pilatus PC-24 will receive 3D interactive parts catalogs and instructions for continued airworthiness

9 November 2021

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd uses RapidAuthor for Teamcenter for the production of interactive Illustrated Parts Data and the item identification part of Structural Repair Manuals for its latest model, the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet.

Pilatus is a Swiss company that develops, produces, and sells aircraft to customers around the world. The Technical Publications department decided to go...

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Cortona3D has entered into a reseller agreement with Hainan Jinpan Smart Technology

15 August 2021

Cortona3D introduces a new reseller of its authoring solutions in China − Hainan Jinpan Smart Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, and sale of power transmission solutions. The reselling activities will be conducted by the company's subsidiary, Shanghai Dingge Information Technology Co., Ltd, focused on industrial software development, and implementation.

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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 14.0 with improved Object Gallery, new search functionality, significant improvements in 2D image editing, and enhanced integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace

28 July 2021

Cortona3D has launched RapidAuthor 14.0 with the possibility to automatically replace static items with parametric objects, a quick search of items and references in a document, and significant improvements in 2D image editing. Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 the user will be able to create plugin-free publications only.

In RapidAuthor 14.0 a static item can be automatically...

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Cortona3D in the press: Transforming traditional processes

28 June 2021

Cortona3D describes how RapidAuthor transforms the traditional process of technical documentation creation.

We have taken a real process of creating 3D technical documentation in an aircraft manufacturing company where the Cortona3D solution was implemented to analyze how work is really being done and how we think it should be done. The reality versus our expectations.

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ENKOTEC uses Cortona3D RapidAuthor to replace traditional textual documentation with interactive manuals and parts catalogs

18 May 2021

ENKOTEC, the world’s leading supplier of machinery for the mass-production of wire nails chooses RapidAuthor to create 2D/3D publications.

The decision to replace traditional textual documentation with interactive 3D manuals and parts catalogs was taken because ENKOTEC sells its machinery worldwide and operators with different reading capabilities need quick access to...

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Meet RapidAuthor 13.1 with the new formula editor, new augmented reality capabilities, and enhanced support for DITA standard

4 February 2021

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 13.1, a new version of a toolkit for creating interactive technical publications with an advanced formula editor, new features for augmented reality content creation, support for publication structure, and new topic types for DITA authoring, and a new RapidAuthor Viewer for offline viewing of publications.

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Cortona3D Viewer 3.0 for iOS with AR support and reworked UI is now available on App Store

26 January 2021

We have released a new version of our app for iOS. From now on, Cortona3D Viewer for iOS allows you to upload and store content using iCloud, and view 3D models in augmented reality on your iPhone or iPad.

Reworked UI based on standard iOS Document Browser
The updated app provides an excellent user experience by incorporating key Apple technologies for a document...

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Cortona3D will discontinue support for Internet Explorer and publications that require plug-ins in RapidAuthor 14.0 in Q3, 2021

11 November 2020

As Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 in August 2021, Сortona3D will introduce related changes into its RapidAuthor software.

Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 scheduled for release in Q3, 2021:

  • Plugin-free publications will not support Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • The publishing option “use browser plugins” will not be available any...

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Cortona3D partners with KARŌN for further expansion to the DACH market

11 August 2020

Cortona3D, a proven leader in authoring solutions for 3D/2D technical publications announced the completion of a reseller agreement with KARŌN, an independent consulting company. Since 1998 KARŌN has been providing strategic consulting and operational implementation services and will now distribute Cortona3D software in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Partnering with Cortona3D, KARŌN deepens...

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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 13.0 with support for the S1000D publication module, new 2D editing features, and further possibilities of integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace

5 August 2020

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 13.0 supports S1000D publications consisting of several data modules, provides support for the creation of projects in Teamcenter Active Workspace and import of engineering data into projects, and offers new features for creating projections and polygons in 2D illustrations.
RapidAuthor 13.0 now supports a publication module that enables the creation of 3D/2D plugin-free...

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Cortona3D RapidAuthor 12.1: further integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace and support for the magnifying glass in 2D and 3D illustrations

12 February 2020

Cortona3D is releasing a new version of RapidAuthor, a toolkit for creating interactive technical publications. RapidAuthor 12.1 introduces the ability to create magnifying glasses in 3D and 2D illustrations, and the ability to open RapidAuthor projects for editing in Teamcenter Active Workspace, a client platform that provides access to Teamcenter from office and design applications, and any...

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Cortona3D RapidAuthor 12.0 makes the documentation development much faster and provides new features for creating S1000D-compliant documentation

11 October 2019

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 12.0, the latest version of the leading authoring suite for creating 2D/3D technical documentation for manufacturing and after-sales support of complex machinery. The new version introduces accelerated CAD data import process and significantly optimized authoring of manuals and parts catalogs. It also contains a wide range of interfaces...

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Flatirons Solutions and Cortona3D Partner to Make Aircraft Maintenance More Interactive

7 May 2019

Flatirons Solutions and Cortona3D are pleased to announce the integration of Cortona3D Solo rendering technology with the CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewers.

CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile by Flatirons Solutions are the aviation industry’s most advanced manufacturer-independent IETP viewers, allowing...

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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1 with references to the Common Information Repository while editing S1000D 4.x documentation and new publishing options

19 March 2019

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1, the latest version of the leading authoring suite that enables enterprises to import a wide range of 3D assets and other PLM/ERP data creating 2D/3D technical documentation and automatically updating it to reflect changes to source data. The latest version of RapidAuthor leverages the authoring and publishing solution for S1000D documentation.

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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.0 with new publishing and authoring functionality for learning courses and with Smart Automatic Update

6 September 2018

Cortona3D announces the latest release of leading authoring software in the areas of Spare Parts Catalogs, Assembly Work Instructions, 3D interactive Learning Courses, and Maintenance Manuals. RapidAuthor Version 11.0 upgrades not only the existing features for 3D and 2D graphics authoring and a better 2D image generation but includes significant new features for authoring of S1000D learning courses and change management in technical publications...

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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 10.1 with improved import and update options

1 March 2018

Cortona3D announces the launch of RapidAuthor 10.1, a new version of its leading authoring tool that enables enterprises to reuse existing PLM data and CAD assets to author lightweight, interactive 3D/2D technical publications. RapidAuthor 10.1 offers new import configuration abilities to improve the visual quality of 3D graphics. Normal-per-vertex information can be imported from CAD geometry, as...

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ATD Machinery works with Cortona3D technical documentation package implemented with the help of cards PLM Solutions

5 January 2017

ATD Machinery, the world’s largest developer and builder of cigar production machinery, uses a customized version of the technical documentation package Cortona3D RapidAuthor. Created 3D documentation is used on the interactive 3D portal for the company clients and on the company shop floor. Not a single machine is assembled without that application anymore. ATD supplies a complete range of...

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Cortona3D and the European Space Agency team up to design and develop an authoring environment that can build 3D interactive procedures

27 July 2011

The European Space Agency (ESA) heads all major European space activities, including cooperation to build and operate the International Space Station. Fail-safe astronaut training for the Automatic Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is pivotal for docking, bringing...

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Siemens PLM Software Partners with Cortona3D to Deliver Complete PLM-Based 3D Technical Publishing Solution

2 May 2011

Siemens PLM Software, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management software and services, today announced a partnership with Cortona3D, a world leader in 3D visual communication and publishing software, that enables the company to deliver a comprehensive PLM-based 3D technical publishing solution fully integrated with its Teamcenter software.

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Cortona3D Partners with DIGINEXT to deliver cost-effective 3D Publications to the French Market

21 July 2010

Cortona3D, a proven leader in 3D visual communication and publishing software, today announced the completion of a reseller agreement with DIGINEXT (CS Group Company) to represent its products to the French aeronautical, defense, space, energy, and transport markets. DIGINEXT specializes in providing innovative products and integrated systems built on the extensive knowledge of their customers...

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ESA Astronauts are launched into orbit with interactive 3D eLearning from Cortona3D

19 February 2008

'Visual Know-how' will save time and mistakes, in an environment where errors cost lives.

Days before the launch of the first ATV 'Jules Verne' into orbit, Cortona3D, the global leader in interactive 3D visual communication for Equipment Maintenance & Training, announced that its cutting-edge software is that chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) for spacecraft crew and astronauts...

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Major US manufacturer produces technical publications at one-eighth of the previous cost with Cortona3D

3 March 2008

Next-generation product support resources: illustrated parts catalogs, computer-based training modules, illustrated tool & equipment manual, and system descriptions - wow its customers and give them huge productivity gains...

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Cortona3D adds support for JT™ Open

12 February 2008

Cortona3D today announced new support for the JT™ data format and membership in the JT Open Program. The JT Open Program is a global community of leading manufacturers, PLM vendors, and academic institutions focused on supporting and promoting JT...

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