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Cortona3D Viewer for iOS 3.1: new rendering modes, weighted blended order-independent transparency for rendering translucent geometry, support for zoom limits in procedures, and more

10 March 2022

We upgraded Cortona3D Viewer for iOS to make your work with 3D and 2D technical publications more comfortable. Cortona3D Viewer for iOS is an application that allows viewing RapidAuthor publications – procedures and catalogs from the native app.

New rendering modes: outline selection and X-ray selection

Starting from version 3.1, you can view 3D objects in Outline Selection mode and X-Ray Selection mode. Outline Selection mode allows you to select an item and view its invisible areas including the edge in different colors. X-Ray Selection mode allows you to select an item and make the rest of the items transparent. For example, it’s convenient to view how a shaft is located inside the assembly. 

Support for zoom limits in procedures

Now zoom limits in procedures are supported in the mobile app, so you can zoom in and zoom out without losing canvas.

Weighted blended order-independent transparency (OIT)

Weighted blended order-independent transparency is applied for rendering translucent geometry. The method guarantees correct coverage of the background and improves color representation.

Following the feedback from our users, we fixed some issues and updated demo content.

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