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Utilize powerful APIs to integrate RapidAuthor with your PLM, CMS, and CSDB systems and display created content within your web or mobile applications
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API & Integrations
Flexible and configurable solution

Cortona3D offers common-used API integration capabilities to integrate the RapidAuthor suite of tools with PLM, CMS, and CSDB. Developers can rapidly connect RapidAuthor with a new or existing IT infrastructure.

Interactive 3D procedures and other content created with Cortona3D tools are HTML5 compatible and can be embedded into third-party web applications such as MPA, SPA, PWA, IETP viewers, LMS, portals. Visually intuitive and lightweight documentation can be easily accessed on all modern browsers or from any mobile device strengthening service and customer satisfaction.

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Cortona3D offered an integrated approach to compiling and production of technical documents. The support from their team is also very reliable, which is an asset when the need for such support is required.

John WintersManager Technical Publications, Pilatus Aircraft
Drive digital transformation success

Many of the challenges for the cost-effective and timely production of technical documentation for complex mechanical products arise from the standalone nature of many of the content management systems. In essence, a technical publication is still largely isolated and a follow-on process.

Integration between the Cortona3D solution and PLM significantly reduces document development costs, allows for easy implementation of design changes in documentation, and makes product documents more effective. Technical documentation connected to the digital twin, virtual representation of the physical product, represents the current digital state of the product. Any changes in the design reflected in PLM will be reflected in the documentation too. 

With Cortona3D, manufacturers can be sure they have the capabilities to effectively implement the authoring process to produce modern interactive 3D and traditional textual technical documentation that is easy to manage, update, and distribute. 

Here are the most noteworthy features of a shared-PLM environment:

  • Access existing PLM information such as BOMs (engineering BOM, manufacturing BOM, service BOM), existing images, and engineering CAD data directly
  • Create, edit and review individual content objects centrally in PLM using RapidAuthor
  • Automated metadata entry such as revision, applicability, etc. into data modules based on the relationships between a data module and the product structure
  • Automated change impact notification that free technical writers from having to manually research a design change and determine its impact on any given data module
  • Use existing PLM processes and workflows to review and approve documents
  • Easily trace the links back to the source data to verify the information in the data module
Benefits of PLM-driven documentation
  • Time and cost-saving by reuse of existing assets
  • IT cost saving by consolidating the product and documentation record into a single system
  • Effective change management
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of documentation
  • Create rapidly configuration-specific product documentation while spending fewer resources
Easy to enter

You can use the standalone version of RapidAuthor tools to receive the results rapidly and learn the tool. You will have all advantages of the solution that allows transforming engineering data into highly interactive 3D and 2D parts catalogs, work instructions, and product maintenance materials. 

When you’re a large enterprise running a complex IT infrastructure and you need to incorporate the authoring process into your solution, we recommend using integration with PLM, CMS, and CSDB. In this case, you will have the capacity and all the best features to store and manage source data and technical documentation.

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