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Cortona3D offered an integrated approach to compiling and production of Illustrated Parts Data. The support from their team is also very reliable, which is an asset when the need for such support is required.

John Winters
Manager Technical Publications

The RapidAuthor software is easy to use and really friendly. Typically, when you are going to switch to new software you may confront the users with new technology and the users who work with the old tool, like 2D-oriented technical publications. I don’t remember having these problems using RapidAuthor.

Cristopher Alcaide Amrein
Team Leader Technical ICT
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I have worked in technical publications for 20 years, and our progress is absolutely phenomenal. Researching the content of maintenance manuals is normally the most important and time-consuming aspect of producing technical documents. With Teamcenter generating accurate content and RapidAuthor for visualization, we dramatically cut our preparation and research time. It has taken 50 percent less time to produce manuals, at a significantly lower cost than previously, and we met our target to provide publications six months before the trains enter operation. We are using the multi-structure manager, content management, and workflow aspects of Teamcenter and they are extremely good at what they do. However, it is the way in which we are using Teamcenter with RapidAuthor that takes our solution to a whole new level.

John Straw
Technical publications manager
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The purpose was to simplify operations & maintenance of machinery for our customers. The technical knowledge is mostly the same as before but it is delivered in a very different form. Now we offer interactive solutions which could not have been provided on a piece of paper. As a result, even newcomers can easily access the necessary information and can be easily trained.

Maziyar Fransgaard Nesari
Product Manager

I’m positive about the RapidAuthor software. It’s just a top match. Some parameters needed to be customized, but we had great help from the Cortona3D team.

Jesper Wexel
Project Manager
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We have a qualitative change in the new way we provide information about maintenance and repairing of KAMAZ products, their structures, and spare parts. Positive reviews show we are going in the right direction.

Irek Gumerov
Development Director
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Immediately, we cut authoring from eight hours per page down to one hour. Cortona 3D gives us a unified authoring space where we import UGS Teamcenter or other CAD graphic sources and Excel parts lists. We give parts and assemblies interactive 3D capabilities and can crosslink any item to any other item. We enable users to filter by model, service bulletins, and user codes to enhance search and ease of use. The tool also supplies digital output in SGML, HTML, and XML.

We used to manually import, edit, redraw and page-reference many iterations of engineering drawings, parts lists, and instructions from many sources. This formerly took two writers and a number of illustrators two years to complete. What we once redrew and re-described, we now import and link. So the 3D IPC is a far superior tool and it only took nine months with one author and one illustrator to produce. The result is substantial cost savings.

We wanted to ensure that our technical publications' products keep pace with our engine technology, providing our customers with cutting-edge products that add value to their airline operations.

Integrating the 3D IPC’s interactive illustrations with identifiable part names and numbers gives our customers a solution that is more intuitive and much easier to use. It will offer productivity improvements to mechanics and staff.

Leading Manufacturer of Aircraft Engines and components
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Compared to other CBT tools, this is much more visual, more interactive, and more conducive to retaining memories and new knowledge. When the astronaut must turn a given valve in the ATV, he sees that valve turn in his on-screen representation. ESA and EAC had the documents, materials, and knowledge, but it took Cortona3D software tools to transfer our knowledge efficiently. Making the final product took highly collaborative, back-and-forth teamwork. We went over every screen and each action on each screen time and again to ensure factual accuracy, visual clarity, and lastly ease of use.

This is very easy to use, and that’s very important. Students refresh a two-hour procedure in five minutes. It’s that intuitive.

There aren’t that many astronauts on the planet and they form a tight community. Word has already spread to other space agencies, and they expect to replicate the successes that EAC instructors and Cortona3D engineers have produced. They’re impressed with it and they’ll get a copy to take back home to show teammates, trainees, and instructors.

Richard Moss
Head of ATV Training
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Technicians are very enthusiastic. Not a single machine is assembled without that application anymore. The technicians can search by item number and retrieve the description, the quantity, and the production drawing for every part and view the machines in 3D without having to call on engineering. It works so well that the technicians can’t do without it anymore.

Paul Bax
Sales engineer
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