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Effortlessly create interactive HTML5 documentation with animated 3D illustrations, traditional PDF publications with 2D illustrations, or content for Augmented Reality using a single source with RapidAuthor
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Various Formats
From 2D to HTML5 and Augmented Reality

RapidAuthor tools allow for a single technical publication to be created and published in a variety of formats. Choose from printable PDFs with 2D illustrations or animated 3D deliverables, which enable users to zoom, rotate, and explode on-screen views of assemblies and subassemblies.

Deliver technical publications created with RapidAuthor tools in the following formats:

  • Traditional printable PDF documentation with 2D illustrations
  • HTML5 with 3D graphics and animations, which can be published on the web or integrated into customer’s or dealer’s portals, or other tech pubs applications
  • XML or SGML for text
  • CGM, SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF for 2D graphics
  • VRML and X3D for 3D graphics
  • Publications for viewing them on your iPhone/iPad
  • WMV and MP4 for videos
  • SCORM for e-learning
  • CSV for parts lists
  • Created content can be reused in AR applications

Beyond speed and convenience, the obvious benefits will be ease of attracting after-sales revenue while every dealer helps build a superior reputation for Nipponia in our industry.

Alexandros ZountasChief Information Officer, Nipponia
Ready-to-use documentation

Technical publications created with RapidAuthor tools can be easily embedded into websites or portals and fit with companys' corporate styles. Make the most of your technical documentation:

  • Embed your technical publications into customer or service portals and enhance customer service by providing access to interactive service manuals and parts catalogs to your customers, dealers, and partners.
  • Integrate interactive 3D parts catalogs with eCommerce platforms and increase sales by allowing your customers to quickly identify required spare parts and reducing errors and parts returns.
  • Embed technical publications into a mobile application to enable your customers, field service technicians, or service personnel to access interactive technical documentation from any mobile device.
  • Integrate 3D training courses with SCORM-compliant Learning Management System and improve comprehension, retention, and on-the-job performance by allowing trainees to go through visually realistic, interactive scenarios with 3D animation.
Richer end-user experience

Provide high-quality technical documentation to your customers, dealers, and partners:

  • Interactive 3D models enable easier understanding of complex procedures and processes and provide intuitive knowledge transfer.
  • The interactive 2D and 3D graphics and animation, linked with the text, create highly effective documents.
  • Users can manipulate, zoom, pan, and rotate around 3D models, watch objects be disassembled, and reveal individual parts.
  • Visual explanation saves time, increases effectiveness, and reduces the number of customer support inquiries. Such clear and helpful product content improves the overall customer experience.

We believe that the 3D IPD has been greatly received and the transition of the normal IPD production within the Cortona3D environment was not negatively commented after initial rounds of discussion.

John WintersManager Technical Publications, Pilatus Aircraft
Multi-platform support

Deliver HTML5-based plugin-free publications that can be accessed on any browser: IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, from any mobile device: Windows, Android, iOS, and in Augmented Reality applications.

Lightweight data format

The use of optimized 3D data allows for the creation of small-sized 3D-powered HTML-based applications that can be used on the web.

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