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Low quality 2D image

Whenever the user imports CAD data into the tool, RapidAuthor automatically creates 5 different Levels of Details called Represenations. Hence the quality of 2D image is based upon 3D quality.

To change geometry Representations, select one in the Item Tree, in the main menu go to Edit > Choose Representations by Name and select Medium or High, click OK.

Initial Level of details shows 100% of available representations.

Size and complexity directly affect project’s weight. In order to reduce project weight, adjust Representation for each individual part or sub-assembly:

  1. Open the project in the RapidCatalog (or RapidManual);
  2. Select the geometry in the 3D Viewer you wish to adjust level of details for;
  3. Go to Edit;
  4. Select Choose Representations by Name; and
  5. Try selecting different quality setting from the list provided and click OK.