what's new in rapidauthor tools
what's new in rapidauthor tools

What's New in RapidAuthor 14.3

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our products for authoring technical documentation and we believe that you will enjoy RapidAuthor and other tools even more
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what's new in rapidauthor tools
what's new in rapidauthor tools

S1000D authoring: Applicability Editor

The Applicability Editor within RapidManual, RapidCatalog, and RapidText empowers users to efficiently manage applicability in S1000D content. It eliminates the need for manual XML writing, allowing easy creation of data module and content applicability using ACT data module parameters. The editor supports hierarchical logic for applicability definition and simplifies populating the PCT data module. Furthermore, users can utilize HTML publication filtering.

Applicability Editor in RapidAuthor 14.3

Generation of IPC pages from the ModelView in PLM XML

Users can now generate parts catalog pages from the ModelView of the root JT when importing PLM XML files. To achieve this, select the Based on JT data of the root PLM XML file option in the corresponding import profile. IPC page names, content, and viewpoints will be read from the JT file attached to the root PLM XML assembly.

Generation of IPC pages from the ModelView of the root JT when importing PLMXML files

Creating composite illustrations

RapidCatalog and RapidIllustrator users can now create composite illustrations, which are combinations of diverse product and component views. These composite illustrations update automatically. Additionally, users can create a template for their composite illustration and reuse it in different projects for quicker results.

RapidAuthor 14.3: Creating Composite Illustrations

Generating colourful vector illustrations with raster background

Users can now generate colourful, interactive vector 2D illustrations with a raster background, moving beyond the conventional black-and-white method.

RapidAuthor 14.3: Generating Colourful Vector Illustrations with Raster Background

2D Editing: making a mask

From now on, users can hide elements in an image without removing them using a mask. The Mask object provides options like Clip, Shield, and Off. Additionally, users can customize illustrations by adjusting the properties of the selected mask object.

Cortona2D Editor Pro 14.3: Make Mask

2D Editing: breaking lines into segments

Enhanced functionality now allows users to split lines, single-segment polylines, and polybeziers into equal segments. Moreover, they can divide multi-segment polylines, polybeziers, arcs, and ellipses into individual segments.

Cortona2D Editor Pro 14.3: Split Path Breaking Lines into Segments

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