what's new in rapidauthor tools
what's new in rapidauthor tools

What's New in RapidAuthor 2312

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our products for authoring technical documentation and we believe that you will enjoy RapidAuthor and other tools even more
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what's new in rapidauthor tools
what's new in rapidauthor tools

Incremental Import

The new incremental import feature allows authors to import CAD assemblies and parts selectively, enhancing efficiency and saving memory resources. Initially, authors can import only the project's hierarchical structure, postponing geometry import until later stages. This approach significantly saves time, especially with large datasets. Incremental import functionality is available for standalone data in CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, and JT formats.

Incremental Import in RapidAuthor tools

RapidCompiler Enhancements

In the 2312 release, RapidCompiler for Teamcenter undergoes significant enhancements, expanding its capabilities beyond import and update operations. Authors can now seamlessly republish, publish S1000D publication modules and DITA map objects, distribute S1000D and DITA to Content Management, and export S1000D data modules. These tasks, executed on the server, enable authors to multitask efficiently, reducing idle time and boosting overall productivity.

Enhanced Functionality for RapidCompiler for RapidAuthor for Teamcenter

Enhanced Content Management Integration

The new release deepens integration with Teamcenter Content Management, allowing authors to reuse DITA & S1000D content stored in Content Management, regardless of the tools used for their creation. Previously, searches were confined to RapidAuthor project content, but now they extend to all content management, benefiting users with extensive documentation from various editors.

Enhanced Content Management Integration

A Single Universal Specification for S1000D

Administrators can benefit from a single universal specification for each authoring tool across S1000D versions 4.1, 4.2, and 5.0. This enhancement makes it easier for administrators to manage content and migrate it to newer S1000D issues.

Simplified Specification Management Across S1000D

Automatic Search and Selection of Invisible Parts

The new highlight selection modes, X-Ray and Translucent Shell, help users visualize hidden parts in complex 3D models. Authors can now automatically search and select invisible parts, with the option to delete them. These enhancements enable quick identification and removal of unnecessary components, simplifying publishing and boosting visualization speed.

Automatic Search and Selection of Invisible Parts in RapidAuthor

Automatic Flat Cable Generation from Static Geometry

Static items with rectangular sections can now be automatically transformed into flat cable parametric objects. Creating animations of parametric cables, such as shape adjustments and point movements, amongst others, takes significantly less time than animating static geometry.

Automatic Flat Cable Object Generation from Static Geometry

Dynamic Cross-Section in Publications and more

In publications, end users can benefit from the ability to cross-section 3D models on the fly, show selected objects in a separate 3D view, and measure the approximate distance between two 3D points. This functionality facilitates the analysis and better comprehension of complex 3D models across various scenarios.

Dynamic Cross-sectioning and Viewing Selected Objects in a Separate Window in Publications

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