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Cortona3D extends and re-brands its Virtual Manuals Products Range

29 January, 2007

Cortona3D, the leader in the provision of interactive 3D visual communication for Product Maintenance & Training, today announced the extension and renaming of its 'Virtual Manual' products under the Cortona®3D brand.

This move is taken to leverage on the success of its flagship browser...

A Next Generation of the Cortona3D Viewer is Released

4 October, 2006

The Cortona3D viewer has been playing multiple roles in the development of organizations' technologies. Initially designed as an interactive 3D plug-in for Internet browsers, the Cortona3D viewer soon surpassed these requirements and became a powerful 3D visualization tool, now incorporated in all Cortona3D authoring tools in various business areas such as training, product maintenance and...

Cortona3d Improves Logistic Operations in Space for the European Space Agency

15 May, 2006

Cortona3D, a leader in provision of interactive 3D-powered solutions, introduces a 3D-powered configuration tool that allows for effective planning and maintaining of the cargo storage in the European Space Agency's (ESA) Automatic Transfer Vehicle (ATV). The Automated Transfer Vehicle is an unmanned vehicle which is put in orbit by the European Ariane 5 launcher. It provides the International...

Cortona3d Rapidtag Powers Boeing's New Maintenance Performance Toolbox

14 March, 2006

Cortona3D, a leader in provision of interactive 3D-powered solutions announces that its Cortona3D RapidTag Technology is a major component of Boeing's new Maintenance Performance Toolbox, an innovative set of performance-enhancing solutions for aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting.

An industry first, the ToolBox provides an online interactive 3D interface that allows maintenance...

Cortona3d rapidlearning delivers 3d computer based training to the European space agency astronauts

25 January, 2006

Cortona3D, a world leader in the provision of Web3D interactive solutions, announces the delivery of a Computer Based Training solution integrating 3D interactive graphics to the European Space Agency (ESA). This innovative new solution will allow the ESA Astronaut Training Center to enrich its space-crew training materials with 3D interactive simulations. The training simulations developed...

Sukhoi to test 3d aircraft maintenance solution from Cortona3d

14 November, 2005

The Sukhoi Company, the largest Russian aviation holding company, and Cortona3D, a world leader in the provision of Web3D interactive solutions, have launched a joint pilot project to provide 3D powered technical documentation for aircraft maintenance and repair –Cortona3D.

The Cortona3D Technology from Cortona3D offers manufacturing companies a new approach in the provision of product...

Cortona3d expands its cortona3d rapid products range

5 September, 2005

Cortona3D, a world leader in the provision of Web3D interactive solutions, today introduces a new approach to the market for its Cortona3D technology with the release of a new set of standalone products targeted at the small-scale production of 3D simulations. These new Rapid authoring tools include RapidManual for maintenance and repair functions, RapidLearning for personnel training and...

Cortona3d signs-up boeing as customer for its cortona3d enterprise platform

3 February, 2004

Cortona3D, a leader in the field of 3D based graphical data management solutions, today announced the signing of a development contract with The Boeing Company to provide its Cortona3D Enterprise Platform solution for the company's Commercial Aviation Services Division.

Cortona3D Enterprise Platform is an open standard solution that enables manufacturing companies to combine their...