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A Next Generation of the Cortona3D Rapid Product Range and Viewer is Released

19 November, 2008

Cortona3D today announced the latest release of the Cortona3D Rapid Product range and the Cortona3D viewer. The Cortona3D software gives OEMs the ability to provide more efficient and effective equipment life cycle support, such as Electronic Spare Parts Catalogs (EPC) / Online Interactive Parts Catalogues, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) / Operating Procedures /Assembly Work (Installation) Instructions, Digital Interactive Training Applications etc… Customers report three times faster production, 80%+ cost savings, and more revenue opportunities due to improved quality of their technical documentation following the implementation of Cortona3D Rapid software.

The new Cortona3D Rapid Products release includes improvements as follows:

  • Improved support for the S1000D Issue 2.3 IPD and ATA 2200 EIPC specifications.
  • New floating license support and ability to roam when disconnected from the network.
  • 3D animations can be now accompanied by sound.
  • 2D CGM images can be used as illustrations instead / with 3D illustrations.
  • 2D CGM images can be generated of the 3D view.
  • Simplified installation procedure.

In addition, Cortona3D Viewer 6.0 Beta is now available! This powerful 3D visualization tool is an integral part of all Cortona3D authoring tools as well as widely used within third party products. This beta release is good news for millions of users across the globe, as Cortona3D Viewer is downloaded by more than 10,000 people everyday.

What's new in Cortona3D Viewer 6.0 Beta?

  • Unicode support
  • Localization of the user interface
  • Support for Firefox 3.0 and Google Chrome
  • Phong lighting support
  • Improved performance: new DirectX renderer
  • Improved installation procedure with Microsoft Installer (MSI)

“Our new release improvements come as a result of feedback from customers” said Connell Gallagher, president, Cortona3D. “Cortona3Ds’ customer centric approach ensures that our software continues to lead the market in helping customers improve their processes and derive immediate tangible business value from the deployment of our software.”

About Cortona3D

Cortona3D provides 3D visual communication and publishing software to equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Cortona3D open standards tools give manufacturers the power to author web-based interactive, animated 3D Product Documentation such as Maintenance Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogs and Interactive Training from existing CAD assets rapidly. Proven benefits are three times faster production, 80%+ cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, Ford, GE, Bosch, ESA and Airbus. Cortona3D has an unmatched track record of sector leadership and product improvement with representation in industry standardization bodies including AECMA, ATA and ADL-SCORM and S1000D. See: