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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1 with references to the Common Information Repository while editing S1000D 4.x documentation and new publishing options

19 März, 2019

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1, the latest version of the leading authoring suite that enables enterprises to import a wide range of 3D assets and other PLM/ERP data creating 2D/3D technical documentation and automatically update it to reflect changes to source data. The latest version of RapidAuthor leverages the authoring and publishing solution for S1000D documentation. A new ‘S1000D 4.1 SRM’ specification component is added for authoring of Structural Repair Manual data modules. When editing an S1000D data module, RapidAuthor for Teamcenter 11.1 provides access for the Common Information Repository (CIR) allowing authors to insert CIR references. The Repository is used as a single source of reusable data such as zones, suppliers for all S1000D 4.x modules. Using references to the repository reduces the probability of errors and data conflicts in publications.

RapidAuthor 11.1 upgrades the functionality announced in the previous release that is intended to effectively manage S1000D content within the single application. While compiling learning courses, authors can create references to illustrations, document fragments, and other data modules and easily update all related publications when CIR, design or other data changes arise.  The enhanced ‘S1000D 4.1 SCPM’ specification enables authors to include in a learning course many assessment data modules and references to SCORM packages created in RapidLearning. With extended RapidPublisher functionality, customers can generate a learning course compliant with SCORM that includes plugin-free publications of different types: catalogs, manuals, lessons, other SCORM packages, text documents.

Other essential and user-requested improvements are new publishing options. RapidAuthor 11.1 provides the ability to create publications that are packed into a single HTML file and can be viewed in all major browsers without browser plug-ins. It is valuable for offline viewing of publications because they needn’t be uploaded to a web server. Shopping cart functionality is added to the out-of-the-box Generic IPC specification. The parts ordering functionality and supported revision marks reduce the effort of the authoring team to create interactive 2D/3D spare parts catalogs.

The new release offers a wide range of new editing features for 2D CGM images in Cortona2D Editor Pro and provides significant improvements in 2D images generation. The viewpoint, which is used for generation of a 2D image, is saved for the further image update when the 3D model changes. Generated 2D graphic now reflects items trimmed by clipping planes. With this release, customers can import surface edges from CAD assets and enjoy a better quality of generated 2D images.

Other important changes:

  • Support of new CAD formats: Solid Edge 2019, Solidworks 2019, Parasolid V31, Autodesk Inventor 2019, JT Import 10.2 and others;
  • The callout font size is now specified in points (pt) that prevent mismatch of font size in printed versions;
  • ‘S1000D 4.1 SCO’ and ‘S1000D 4.1 SCPM’ specifications support3D graphics in preview and publications of the learning courses;
  • Private Java Runtime Environment is being installed with the product package;
  • The RapidAuthor for Teamcenter help is localized into German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Rapid JT Component supports import of ULP geometry and better processing of PMI text;

More detailed information about the new release: