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What's New Cortona3D Viewer V.5.1

Release date: 
20 November, 2007

1.  Improved installation procedure

Now Cortona3D Viewer can be installed for both “Current Users” and “All Users.” The users that do not have administrative permissions and can’t access Programs Files can install Cortona3D Viewer to work only with Microsoft (R) Internet Explorer.

2.  Ability to print your 3D view

Cortona VRML Automation interface now allows for adding the printing feature to the custom applications supporting ActiveX technology.

3.  Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed:

 • Sound problems when the window with Cortona viewer loses and then gains focus.

 • Incorrect behavior of the Panel node as a child node of the Switch node.

 • Unexpected termination of Cortona if the value of the width field of the Panel node is set to 0.