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What's New Cortona3D Viewer v. 6.0

Release date: 
18 Juni, 2009

Unicode support

Cortona3D Viewer 6.0 provides full support for UTF-8 in VRML.

Localization of the user interface

Now the menus of Cortona3D Viewer can be easily translated into other languages by licensed users.

Latest Web browsers support

Cortona3D Viewer now supports Mozilla Firefox v. 3.0 and Google Chrome.

Phong lighting support

The support for Phong lighting model is provided for graphical cards supporting the shader model v. 3.0 and higher. Limited support for the shader model v. 2.x is also provided.

Improved performance: new DirectX renderer

  • Support for real-time anti-aliasing (multisampling). 
  • Support idle-time anti-aliasing by means of Direct3D.
  • Support for composite textures. 
  • Improved processing of textures and 3D primitives.

Improved installation procedure

The use of Microsoft Installer (MSI) allows for easier installation of Cortona3D Viewer within an enterprise and as a part of third party applications.

New VRML extensions

  • The Transform2DEx node allows for positioning layers on the screen and specifying their size in pixels.
  • The CompositeTexture3D and CompositeTexture2D nodes allow for adding composite textures to the 3D scene. 
  • The GradientBackground node allows for creating horizontal or vertical gradient background that is static relatively to the camera movements.

Changes in VRML Automation interface

Pick method has been changed:

  • Layers without background: areas with no geometry are considered transparent for the picker. 
  • One-sided surfaces: invisible side is ignored by picker. 
  • Double-sided surfaces: the normal calculation is based on a visible side of the surface.

New method of geometry bounding box calculation:

  • Now the bounding box can be calculated in global coordinates.