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What's New Cortona3D Viewer V. 5.0

Release date: 
5 Oktober, 2006

MPEG4-style layers

Cortona VRML Client now supports MPEG4-style layers (2D and 3D Layers).

DirectX 9.0 shaders

Cortona VRML Client now supports DirectX 9.0 shaders which allow for the creation of realistic 3D surfaces and advanced visual effects.

Properties of Cortona Control and VRML Automation

The following properties have been added to Cortona Control: Version, RendererMaxTextureSize, PixelBufferAccess.

The methods and properties of the VRML Automation interface are now available for Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape 8.x. PROTO and EXTERNPROTO now can be distinguished. The new EXTERNPROTO object includes the Urls and LoadedUrl properties.

Rendering speed improvement

The rendering speed of complex dynamic 3D models has been increased due to the improved rendering algorithms and improved handling of the scene graph.


The developer can now reuse Existing PROTOs with the help of the Cortona_CreateVrmlFromUrl function.

Display of the logo in the 3D window

The Cortona logo is now displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the 3D window. The users can hide the Cortona logo or replace it with their own logo by obtaining appropriate Cortona license.

Adjusting texture size The user can now limit the texture size to speed up the rendering.

Available values include 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 pixels.

Expanded range of supported VRML nodes

New VRML nodes include:

  • 2D geometry nodes (Circle, Rectangle, Coordinate2D, PointSet2D, 
  • IndexedLineSet2D, IndexedFaceSet2D), which allow the author to specify the planar type of geometry nodes.
  • 2D nodes (Transform2D, CoordinateInterpolator2D, Background2D).
  • OrderedGroup, which allows the user to set the order of the rendering of coplanar or close shapes.
  • Layer nodes (2D Layers, 3D Layers). 
  • The Panel node represents a rectangular area where HTML text can be rendered. This area always faces the viewer.
  • The HTMLText node represents an HTML text, which can be used in the Panel node.
  • The TransformSensor generates events containing any transformations of the descendant geometry in the global coordinate system.

Support for X3D nodes

Cortona VRML Client supports only the following X3D nodes:

  • The load field in the Inline node, which specifies if a resource corresponding to the url field should be loaded or not.
  • EventUtilities nodes (BooleanFilter, BooleanToggle, BooleanTrigger, IntegerSequencer, IntegerTrigger, TimeTrigger), which allow for handling numerous event-types for interactive scenes without the use of a Script node.