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What’s New in Cortona3D Rapid Tools - Version 5.0

Release date: 
21 Mai, 2010


  • Improvements in communication and workflow integration with Content Management Systems, such as Teamcenter®. 
  • Extension of API controlling integration with CMS or any external repository.

Benefit: Improved integration of the Rapid tools with any existing technical publications content management system and workflow management system.

  • Link to and Launch External Editors
  • Using the ‘Attach Document’ function a link is established to a structured document. This is then available for editing by linking to and launching an external editor. Typically users would link to products such as Arbortext or XMetaL.
  • The ‘link to’ function will also allow for an external CGM editor to be launched.
  • Support for Metaweb CGM viewer within the tools.

Benefit: Users will be able to use existing editors during the transition to Cortona3D’s totally 3D driven authoring process. 


  • A new smart metadata editor will be available in RapidCatalog. This replaces the existing ‘Edit Metadata’ Dialog.

Benefit: Having increased control over project metadata will enable companies and service providers to work across multiple programs and met differing customer deliverables requirements. 


  • Completely flexible interface with the ability to undock, move or hide any of the primary and secondary work areas including 2D, editors, item lists, etc.
  • Complete control over the menu and tool bars.

Benefit: Users will be able to configure their authoring workspace to suit their working habits, data and methods. 


  • New import process that accesses previous VMG functionality directly from within the file menu enabling direct import and update from source CAD.
  • The previous IMO function is being discontinued as all functionality is now incorporated in the import process.
  • Improvements to existing CAD format support: Pro/E, CATIA.*
  • Additional Plug Ins for SolidWorks, Siemens NX now launched.*

* Some importers will incur additional licensing costs, full details available from or your local representative

Benefit: In addition to our 2009 launch of the RapidDataImport Tool we are already significantly expanding the number of CAD packages supported. Importing data directly from CAD system ensures consistency of engineering data used in customer documentation, eliminates re-input inaccuracies and speeds the process. 


  • The hierarchy of the IPC pages in RapidCatalog is now displayed in the Sheet dropdown list in the published HTML.
  • Ability to lock the camera in HTML output.

Benefit: These capabilities improve the published content and enhance the end-user interface.


  • Support for DITA.
  • Attach document’ function supports editing of S1000D documents with any installed external editor.
  • Full support for ATA 2200 AIPC and procedure specifications.
  • Support for insertion of links to geometry objects when generating or editing S1000D or ATA procedure documents.

Benefit: Continued improvements to workflow and support for customers using the latest standards. 


  • Support for formats PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, EMF, WMF.
  • Support for Metaweb CGM viewer in published HTML.
  • Insertion of callouts in 3D.
  • Axial/thrust lines visualization in 3D and CGM.
  • Improvements in ‘Set Position’ functionality.

Benefit: Overall performance improvements in 2D/3D illustration generation. 


  • New ability to invert a group. This is similar to Invert Procedure command, but can be applied to copied Steps, Substeps, Subtasks, etc. (RapidManual and Rapid Learning only).
  • Ability to use any external tool for editing/optimizing 3D representations.
  • Textures stored in projects will be stored separately as resources (like sounds, pictures). Previously they were inline encoded into each project and object appearance.
  • Enable animations for collections of objects improving animation process and possible re-use.
  • Support for multi-language projects and specifications.
  • ‘Add Object’ function available in RapidCatalog.

Benefit: A range of authoring improvements aimed at delivering process and workflow improvements.