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Release notes for Cortona3D Viewer for iOS

Release date: 
18 September, 2014
  • Multiple selection of parts in IPC with spare parts request via e-mail
  • The ability to display and print PDF documents within parts catalogs and procedures
  • Support for table layouts and images in procedure text
  • Significantly reduced memory footprint when viewing parts catalogs and procedures, which results in better application stability and performance
  • Improved UI responsiveness when selecting parts in 3D view in large parts catalogs
  • Collections can be added to the library either via "Open in..." from another iOS app (like Mail, Dropbox, Safari) or using iTunes
  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • Russian localization
  • DDS textures support (DXT1 – DXT5, cube maps)
  • Upright navigation with angle constraints
  • Camera position can be "frozen" when playing simulation