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Loading big assemblies into one project (software crashing, extensive RAM usage)

RapidAuthor is a set of documentation authoring tools, it uses special graphics optimization and rendering engines, which operate somewhat differently from common CAD tools. The list below provides an approximate values of allowable input geometry complexity.

Several restrictions for project data:

  • The total size of all source files (the assembly and all dependent files) should not exceed 100 MB;
  • The assembly should contain no more than 100 000 parts;
  • The assembly should contain no more than 1000 unique parts (different part numbers);
  • The number of triangles in the assembly should not exceed 2 000 000; and
  • The number of triangles per part should not exceed 200 000.

The parameters of 3D models, specified above, are approximate. More complex models can be loaded into RapidAuthor, but acceptable authoring performance cannot be guaranteed for such projects.

We would recommend creating separate Cortona projects for different parts of assembly. Please note that one Cortona project should be just one operation in your manual (e.g. bulk–head replacement, which references smaller operation to another Cortona projects) or one simple parts catalogue section (e.g. left wing aileron hydraulics system).

It is recommend to avoid using large assemblies loading into one Cortona Item as it will cause:

  • Huge VRML sizes (not web friendly);
  • Hundreds of thousands of parts in just one parts list;
  • Thousands animation operations; and · 90% of parts are never going to be shown and used.

Please refer to this article for our best practices on Working with Large Assemblies.