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How to check that installer is valid

When you receive a link for downloading a product you can check the correctness of file to be sure that file downloaded correctly.

If you are running on Windows Vista or higher, then check that after you activate the installer you receive User Account Control notice:

If you have "Verified publisher: Parallel Graphics LTD" it means that your installer has been downloaded correctly. If your notice looks like this:


Then you need to download installer one more time.


If you are running on Windows XP we recomend you to download the WinMD5 free tool and select your installer to compute MD5 checksum. Correct installer has the following checksum value:


if value is different it means that you installer is corrupt. You need to download the installer once more.

Here are checksums for some of our products:

Product bit MD5
RapidAuthor 7.1.2 32-bit d2fcff9797e6199dee07672439293686
RapidAuthor 7.1.2 64-bit ebc015896b90918a29e58b7bcfd19ef1
RapidDataConverter 2.4.0 32-bit 8794a877e554cba20730d35de1173e93
RapidDataConverter 2.4.0 64-bit 7cb0908363633e078e418957cc07559e
RapidJTComponent 2.3.0 32-bit 56e0abe5b197486872357e5f5f6e1de4
RapidJTComponent 2.3.0 64-bit 3a994c3f987d40e570e9aa814f6b91ed
RapidDeveloper 2.2.2   740b9b041262ee42eeba16c8a6635c89
Cortona2D Editor Pro 1.0.4   33b3e6cb1be4b53ef1171c3bc0633d02