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Batch publishing – publish multiple projects from selected Working Space

You can publish multiple projects from one working space in batch mode by using Republish.exe

Follow instruction below to launch Republish.exe for defined Working Space in any RapidAuthor tool (RapidCatalog / RapidManual / RapidLearning):

  • Launch any RapidAuthor tool and choose Working Space you wish to publish projects from (Tools > Select Working space);
  • Close RapidAuthor tool;
  • For IPC projects' batch publishing go to C:\Program Files\ParallelGraphics\RapidCatalog and run Republish.exe;
  • For Manual and WorkInstruction projects' batch publishing go to C:\Program Files\ParallelGraphics\RapidManual and run RepublishPrc.exe;
  • For Training and Learning projects' batch publishing go to C:\Program Files\ParallelGraphics\RapidLearning and run RepublishPrc.exe.

Repeat this procedure with every Working Space you wish to publish projects from.