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Cortona3D teams with 4DConcept as Official Distributor of its Cortona3D software in France

7 октября, 2007


Cortona3D, the international leader in 3D Visual Communication for Product Documentation, Training and After Sales materials, today announces a new VAR partnership with the French company 4Dconcept, which specializes in document engineering and text and graphic content management. This new partnership will leverage both companies’ respective strengths to penetrate the French after-sales market (user documentation, maintenance documentation, training manuals, spare parts catalogs). The agreement between Cortona3D and 4Dconcept underscores growing demand for open standards based 3D publishing software that is easy to use and deploy and adds business value to various functional areas.

The Cortona 3D solution developed by Cortona3D accelerates production cycles, reduces cost and opens the way for new products and services. Cortona3D open standards solutions are flexible, modular and easily adapt and integrate with current processes and information systems. These solutions are also designed to precisely meet business requirements whilst strictly complying with the applicable domain standards (ATA, ASD, SCORM) and standard formats (XML and ISO Open Standards).

"Cortona3D open standards solutions are perfectly in line with what customers want for product documentation and after-sales materials. Speed in the creation of content is critical in terms of product time to market and the use of animations and 3D makes this content much more user friendly and effective. These solutions will enable us to strengthen our position as graphic engineering expert," explains Yves Mangili, CEO of 4Dconcept.

The relevance of the joint Cortona3D / 4Dconcept offer lies both in the power of the Cortona3D software and in the expertise of 4Dconcept over the entire after-sales process. With cortona3D, 4Dconcept benefits from new solutions to increase the after-sales competitiveness of its customers via 3D. Cortona3D software takes existing CAD, PDM and ERP data and transforms it into integrated ‘Visual Know-How’ to meet the requirements of end users (after-sales and maintenance technicians, field operatives, trainees, etc.). Thanks to its experience, 4Dconcept controls all the processes involved in creating after-sales information, developing information systems suitable for production, storage, management and processing of information and lastly propose relevant means to render information (paper documentation, electronic documentation, diagnostic aid systems, after-sales portals, mobile solutions, etc.).

"4Dconcept has built up solid experience in information processing optimization, especially in the area of maintenance support, and has won the confidence of prestigious customers, by solving their business problems. Cortona3Ds’ collaboration with 4D Concept is an opportunity for us to develop our presence in the French market, particularly in Aerospace where we already serve global leaders Boeing and Airbus. In order to meet customer needs efficiently, the support of a local partner, which can add value to our products through high-quality service, is absolutely essential," states Francis Bernard, CEO of Cortona3D, former manager and founder of Dassault Systèmes.

First product line developed under this partnership: the integration of Cortona3D solutions in an XML editor. This integrated production environment cuts out the traditional graphic process and at the same time improves the quality of the information produced. The information from the engineering and design department is accessed by the author directly from his XML editor, starting right from the analysis of the system to be documented. The author displays the system in 3D, handles it and studies it as though it were a real object. He can move parts, add notes to the model, take measurements, etc. He can also access the 3D animations produced by the engineering and design department and adapt them for his own needs. The author can complete the 3D model, use it according to his own requirements, add hotspots, etc. Lastly, he can automatically generate 3D animations from a text procedure, and vice versa. Integrated in electronic documentation, according to the export parameters defined by the author, it is possible to display all parts according to a given configuration, navigate in this assembly, modify the display angles and zooms and access the parts list.

About Cortona3D

The global leader in 3D Visual Knowledge Software spanning two decades, Cortona3D provides OEMs with proven tools for transforming CAD and other data into 'Visual Know-How' for equipment Maintenance & Training. Global leaders like Boeing, Airbus, General Atomics, Pfizer, Loral, NASA, Daimler Chrysler, NIST, Volkswagen, ESA, and Ford use Cortona3D software to get better product documentation & learning materials to market in one third of the time and at half the cost of conventional processes.

Cortona3D has an unmatched track record of sector leadership and continuous product improvement with representation in industry standardization bodies including AECMA, ATA and ADL-SCORM and S1000D. The company is a privately-held, venture capital backed technology company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a research center in Moscow, Russia. For more information about Cortona3D, visit our web site at www.cortona3D.com

Cortona3D is the company behind the Cortona3D range of Visual Know-How products.

About 4Dconcept

A specialist in document engineering and text (XML) and graphical (3D/2D) content management, 4Dconcept defines, implements and deploys document and editorial systems. 4Dconcept addresses matters such as content and knowledge management, editorial content enrichment and publishing, after-sale market and maintenance engineering, documentation heritage management and multi-channel publication. Ongoing intelligence gathering and R&D activities enable 4Dconcept to offer the most future-proof, open and scalable technological solutions. 4Dconcept offers a broad range of services in consultancy, development of customized solutions and text and graphic (2D/3D) content engineering, as well as training in production techniques and tools, sectoral standards and XML structuring concepts. For more than 18 years, 4Dconcept has worked alongside the largest French and international companies including Alcatel-Lucent, SAFRAN, EADS, PSA, Thales, TOTAL, IVECO and Renault Trucks. Official website: www.4dconcept.fr