industry oil gas mining
Oil, gas and mining industry

Oil, Gas & Mining

Cortona3D partners with Siemens and other solution providers to address the needs of businesses in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industry. Read more to learn how we can help organizations to innovate and evolve their product & service documentation.
industry oil gas mining
industry oil gas mining
Trends & Challenges

Produce more energy with lower costs, lower carbon emissions, and lower risk

Attract, train, and retain employees in a tight labor market

Grow production to satisfy the needs of customers around the world

Demonstrate differential and durable cash flows

Continued technology development and deployment

Transform business models

Cortona3D Innovations

Better documentation increase revenue opportunities

Reusing existing resources cuts costs of technical publications production

Visual explanations delivered in interactive work instructions saves time, increases effectiveness, and lowers the risk

Less risk of using outdated information

Misidentification of parts is less likely

Achieve compliance and safety

A better understanding of complex tasks – improved uptime

Improved customer satisfaction

Oil derrick assembly procedure
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What our customers say

We move more surely and faster with Cortona3D. The software comes with engineering-specific libraries, e.g., "Screw-in bolt" and "Unscrew screw" that make development faster and easier than other solutions. We finish projects much faster now. Cortona3D is purpose-built to step someone with no 3D expertise through the building of interactive manuals and training.

New Media Director
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After completing the training program, if an engineer wants to verify something in the field, he/she checks the animated manual on his/her laptop. They can 'explode' the boiler, even rehearse repair steps... we have wonderful feedback from customers and their employees on the ease of learning and repair time saved.

New Media Director
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