Cortona3D VRML extensions

The Visual Reality Modelling Language has a variety of powerful mechanisms that provide the content creators with almost unlimited capabilities for building 3D content. However, in certain cases, the implementation of the content creator's intent with the use of scene elements described in the VRML97 Specification can lead to large file size, the low performance of the VRML browser, etc. To broaden the capabilities of content creators Cortona3D introduced support of a number of elements as VRML extensions in Cortona3D Viewer. These extensions were implemented as new extension nodes or extended functionality of standard VRML nodes.

Download a set of samples that illustrates the use of VRML extensions (5.26 MB zip archive)

Download VRML extensions supported by Cortona3D Viewer

vrml extensions
Cortona3D Viewer supports the following extensions:
  • Advanced Visual Effects
    • DirectX 9.0 Shaders
    • CompositeTexture
    • BumpMap
    • MipMap
    • CubeEnvironment
    • SphereEnvironment
    • AdvancedAppearance
    • TextureTransform
    • SFVec2f Interpolator
    • GradientBackground
  • Geometry         
    • Splines
    • NURBS
    • CortonaExtrusion
  • Layers and Rendering  
    • Layers and 2D Nodes      
    • Panel and HTMLText    
    • OrderedGroup
    • ZGroup               
  • Text      
    • Three-Dimensional Text             
    • FontStyle           
  • Mouse and keyboard input       
    • Drag & Drop Handling   
    • Keyboard Input              
  • Movies
    • FlashMovie       
    • QuickTime MOV Movies as Source for MovieTexture  
    • Flash animations as a source for MovieTexture  
    • Animated GIF Files as Source for MovieTexture             
  • Behavior          
    • Object-To-Object Collision Detection Interface               
    • NavigationInfo
    • Interpolator Nodes in Cortona 
    • TransformSensor           
    • ViewportSensor             
  • X3D Nodes          
    • EventUtilities 
    • Inline Extension  

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