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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 13.0 with support for the S1000D publication module, new 2D editing features, and further possibilities of integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace

5 August 2020

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 13.0 supports S1000D publications consisting of several data modules, provides support for the creation of projects in Teamcenter Active Workspace and import of engineering data into projects, and offers new features for creating projections and polygons in 2D illustrations.

RapidAuthor 13.0 now supports publication module which enables the creation of 3D/2D plugin-free S1000D publications consisting of several data modules: creating and editing the table of contents and publication structure, defining references to data modules and other publication modules, as well as support for the search function in created publications.

Cortona3D continues to work on further integration of RapidAuthor and Teamcenter Active Workspace, a client platform that provides access to Teamcenter from office and design applications, and any web browser. New features include the creation of RapidAuthor projects in Active Workspace (previously, you were able to edit existing projects only), import of engineering data into projects, and project updates when engineering data change.

Changes in 2D editing include new features for creating projections, improvements in creating and editing polygons by means of new parametrical objects, and new features for editing circles and ellipses.

The user interface of RapidAuthor has been significantly improved: all menu commands are provided with icons, which improve the visual perception and allow you to add any command to the toolbar; a new Viewpoints window is added to manage project viewpoints in 3D; all context commands for DPL table editing are now accessible from the new DPL Table menu and toolbar. In Cortona2D Editor, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to a wide range of commands and styles.

Other important improvements:

  • Support for S1000D 5.0
  • Import textures from Solidworks, Autodesk, and some other CAD formats
  • Input fields can be added to work instructions and the data input by the user can be saved for further use. Coaxial alignment of objects using the new cylindrical surfaces detection feature of the 3D manipulator
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