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Cortona3D partners with Shanghai Servision Software for offering powerful after-sales solutions for China’s automotive industry

1 July 2021

Cortona3D, the proven leader in authoring solutions for 3D&2D technical publications, and Shanghai Servision Software Co., Ltd, a provider of intelligent aftermarket software solutions for the automotive industry, have signed a reseller deal.

The Servision team has a comprehensive 20-year experience in the development and implementation of integrated business solutions related to information management, spare parts distribution, and maintenance services amongst others. The company’s solutions and expertise allow customers to make car services more accurate and more efficient. Adding the Cortona3D software to the company’s portfolio will help to meet the growing industry demand for accurate, flexible, and smart technical documentation.

The partnership between Cortona3D and Shanghai Servision Software will increase the market share on both sides and will help the companies in the time-pressured industry to move from traditional 2D PDF documentation to solutions that enable manufacturers to produce and update 3D & 2D technical publications such as parts catalogs, maintenance manuals, and training courses − directly from engineering data.

About Shanghai Servision Software

Shanghai Servision Software Co., Ltd ( is an automotive aftermarket engineering solution provider headquartered in Shanghai. The company's mission is to deliver the most valuable business solutions for authoring, publishing, and application of parts & service information for the automotive and equipment industry. Servision has strategic cooperation partnerships with Chinese associations and automotive aftersales solution providers from Europe, Australia, and the USA.

About Cortona3D

Founded in 2000, Cortona3D ( provides 3D visual knowledge software to equipment manufacturers worldwide. Cortona3D open standards authoring tools give subject matter experts the power to create interactive, animated 3D Product Documentation such as maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, and interactive training from existing CAD assets rapidly. Proven benefits are three times faster production, 80+% cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, ESA, and Airbus among others. Cortona3D has an unmatched track record of sector leadership and continuous product.

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