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Aerospace & Defence

Cortona3D partners with Siemens and other solution providers to address the needs of businesses in the Aerospace & Defence industry. Read more to learn how our customers make the service and maintenance of the aircraft faster and easier and reduce time and costs for the technical publication's production.
industry aerospace defence
industry aerospace defence
Trends & Challenges
  • Drive industry digitalization
  • Technological complexity and continual investment in new designs and technology innovations
  • Significantly cut costs and shorten the time from design to first flight
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Reduced production costs and assembly planning
  • Better product documentation such as assembly instructions, parts catalogs, training materials, and product manuals
  • Synchronization of vast amounts of complex data and 3D images across a global virtual network of designers, developers, manufacturing engineers, production specialists, and service teams to facilitate the creation of such materials
Cortona3D Innovations
  • Savings of up to 80% by re-using existing engineering and BOM data
  • Simultaneous production of product design and product documentation enabled by Engineering-change linked documents
  • Drastically reduced rework/re-illustration
  • Lightweight 3D data for easier deployment to web portals
  • Compliance with industry standards such as ATA and S1000D
  • Full support for iPad deployment enables you to support next-generation demand for technical publications such as in-cockpit information
Main landing gear IPD
MLG assembly procedure
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What our customers say

Cortona3D offered an integrated approach to compiling and production of technical documents. The support from their team is also very reliable, which is an asset when the need for such support is required.

John Winters
Manager Technical Publications, Pilatus Aircraft
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This is very easy to use, and that’s very important. Students refresh a two-hour procedure in five minutes. It’s that intuitive.

Richard Moss
Head of ATV Training
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We wanted to ensure that our technical publication products keep pace with our engine technology, providing our customers with cutting-edge products that add value to their airline operations.

Leading manufacturer of aircraft engines and components
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