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Cortona3D Viewer for iOS

Cortona3D Viewer allows you to view interactive 3D/2D product catalogs, work instructions, maintenance guides, and manuals created with Cortona3D RapidAuthor. With Cortona3D Viewer, you can also experience 3D procedures and VRML scenes in augmented reality on your iPhone. Many equipment manufacturers are now providing richer content in their technical documentation and information. Cortona3D Viewer offers not only AR support and 3D interaction but full-text sup-port and hot spotted 2D. The Viewer can be used for legacy 2D content as well as fully interactive 3D data originated from CAD.

Interactive 3D publications provide a more intuitive way to communicate complex maintenance or assembly tasks. 3D parts catalogs make it easier to identify and order the correct parts. As a class-room aid or for “just-in-time” training the app provides an effective way to teach mechanical skills. It can even be used as a sales aid to demonstrate new product features and functions.

The Cortona3D Viewer on iOS is the perfect complement to the RapidAuthor tools. Using CAD and Bill of Materials data sourced from engineering, RapidAuthor allows you to generate the complete technical document including text, 2D, and 3D graphics that can also be reused in AR software.

If your company does not yet use Cortona3D RapidAuthor you can still install Cortona3D Viewer for IOS and view the sample content. As you will see there is support for 3D and legacy 2D graphics, and AR content as well.


Cortona3D viewer for iOS - Parts Catalog

Cortona3D viewer for iOS - Exploded View


  • Support for augemented reality for procedures and VRML scenes
  • Usual iOS gestures – zoom, pan, etc. for navigation in the 3D view
  • Multiple exploded views and full bill of materials hierarchy
  • Touch on a part and see additional information
  • Search, hide and show parts
  • Detailed Parts List – Part Number, Nomenclature, etc.
  • Full 2D CGM viewer
  • Play or scrub through animated install or remove sequences
  • Text overlay of step by step instructions
  • Designed as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Support for multilingual content
  • Upload and share content using iCloud

What's new in version 3.1

  • New rendering modes: outline selection and X-ray selection.
  • Support for multiple textures in the AdvancedAppearance node.
  • Support for zoom limits in procedures.
  • Weighted blended order independent transparency (OIT) for rendering translucent geometry.
  • Support for antialiasing (MSAA) in the AR mode.
  • Addresses the issue with rendering double sided translucent geometry.
  • Addresses the issue with rendering the Background node under a scaled transform.
  • Addresses the issue with missing HUD when rendering with large z-ranges.
  • Addresses the issue with rendering geometry with more than 130000 vertices.
  • Addresses a few issues with procedure playback.
  • Updated demo content.


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