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Cortona3D Viewer

Cortona3D is a fast and highly interactive 3D viewer

A set of optimized 3D renderers guaranties the best visual quality on both PCs with the latest video-cards and those with more basic video card capabilities.

Cortona3D Viewer (previously known as Cortona VRML Client) works as a VRML plug-in for popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera) and office applications (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word). At this time the Cortona3D Viewer is available on the Windows platform.

But Cortona3D is more than just a viewer! The powerful API allows for integration of Cortona into any third-party application supporting ActiveX technology. With Cortona3D, you can create a wide range of 3D applications – from visualization of scientific data to advanced 3D-enabled online services.


Download Cortona3D Viewer


Main features

  • Complete VRML97 support
  • Support for modern 3D accelerators via DirectX and OpenGL
  • Advanced rendering: mipmapping, Phong lighting, reflection mapping and enhanced anti-aliasing
  • Additional nodes and capabilities extending the VRML specification
  • Support for Adobe Flash
  • Powerful API based on the ActiveX Automation technology
  • Customizable user interface in the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

What's New in Cortona3D Viewer 9.0:

  • New renderer based on DirectX 11.

LICENSING and ordering

Cortona3D Viewer is free for personal, non-commercial, and academic use.

The RapidAuthor license allows you to copy and distribute Cortona3D Viewer to third parties alongside content generated from RapidAuthor.

In other cases use you need to purchase a license.

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