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Import Profile Protection

There has been a change in the import profiles and licensing of Cortona3D products starting from the RapidAuthor version 6.3; import profiles contain a digital signature (except for evaluation licenses).

This means that if an evaluation version of RapidDeveloper is used, then the import profile will expire in 30 days. Import profiles exported from a fully licensed version of RapidDeveloper will have no expiration date.

RDIT profiles protection was first introduced in RapidAuthor version 6.3 and RapidDeveloper version 2.1.

RapidDeveloper signs profiles while saving, preventing their modification. Profile format remains the same (text XML), but with a new element — binary signature.

New RDIT doesn't read old unsigned profiles. RapidDeveloper is still able to open old profiles and sign them on save.

Customers who bought the first version of RapidDeveloper (which did not sign profiles), will have to re–save their profiles with the new version of RapidDeveloper. The same applies to customers who received profiles from us. Customers can re–save profile, if they had received new version of RapidDeveloper in the maintenance, or we can do this for them. Those who have not bought RapidDeveloper and used the trial version will have to purchase RapidDeveloper or they will not be able to upgrade to new RapidAuthor.

Profile saved with the trial version of RapidDeveloper includes the information about its expiration date — 30 days from the moment of its last modification. These profiles will not work in RDIT after this date, but they can be opened and re–saved in the RapidDeveloper.

Profiles saved with a fully licensed version (even time-limited), will work with RDIT indefinitely.