Cortona3D Viewers

Cortona3D provides fast, reliable and highly interactive viewers for viewing 3D/2D content on various platforms. 


Please note that Cortona3D Viewer is free for personal, non-commercial, and academic use only. In case of commercial use you need to purchase a license.


Select appropriate viewer from the list below: 


Cortona3D Viewers                   

Product Description
Сortona3D Viewer View VRML and 3D documentation created with Rapid product family.
Cortona3D Viewer for iOS   View 3D/2D documentation created with Rapid product family on devices like iPhone and iPad.
Cortona3D Viewer for Java

The API for the creation of a cross-platform 3D viewer for Java-supporting operating systems.

Cortona2D Viewer View a wide range of 2D graphics including CGM, BMP, GIF and JPEG.