Cortona3D Viewers

Cortona3D provides fast, reliable and highly interactive viewers for 3D/2D content on various platforms. 
Select appropriate viewer from the list below: 

Cortona3D Viewers

Product   Platforms   Description
Cortona3D Solo      Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, mobile platforms   Cortona3D Solo allows for viewing RapidAuthor publications. It is based on asm.js and WebGL technologies and  works in most modern web browsers on different OS.
Сortona3D Viewer   Windows   View VRML and 3D documentation created with RapidAuthor.
Cortona2D Viewer   Windows  

View 2D documentation created with RapidAuthor and a wide range of 2D graphics including CGM, BMP, GIF and JPEG.

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS



View 3D/2D documentation created with RapidAuthor on iOS platfrom.

Cortona3D Viewer for Java   Windows, Mac OS X, Linux   The API for creating a cross-platform 3D viewer for Java-supporting operating systems


Cortona3D Solo

The users of RapidAuthor are granted the right to distribute the Cortona3D Solo Library along with RapidAuthor publications. Cortona3D Solo API is provided at an extra charge.

Cortona3D Viewer and Cortona2D VieweR (for Windows)

Cortona3D Viewer and Cortona2D Viewer (for Windows) are free for personal, non-commercial, and academic use. The RapidAuthor license allows you to copy and distribute Cortona3D Viewer and Cortona2D Viewer to third parties alongside content generated from RapidAuthor. In other cases you need to purchase a license.

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS is available in two versions: the free version includes sample content only. The purchased version allows you to upload content into the Library. Both versions are available on the App Store.

Cortona3D Viewer for Java

The Cortona3D Viewer for Java license grants the developer the right to create applications using the API and distribute Cortona3D Viewer Library for Java along with created applications. 


If you are interested in other types of use or would like to get more detailed information regarding the licensing terms  please contact us at