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With the REFLEKT ONE content creation platform authors can take any existing 2D and 3D/CAD data, link the corresponding technical content and then attach both to real-world objects with advanced 2D/3D tracking.

Easily create AR-enabled technical documentation, manuals and handbooks

  1. Log into the REFLEKT ONE platform
  2. Select a project that you created in the RapidAuthor authoring tool
  3. Edit the existing contend to be visible in Augmented Reality. For example,
    - which parts of the 3D model should be shown
    - add clickable Points of Interest and existing 2D content that efficiently display technical information precisely on real objects in the right place, size, time and orientation
  4. Add tracking for your AR publication using marker and edge based tracking technologies
  5. Publish once for multiple platforms such as smartphones and tablets with ARKit & ARCore support or for smart glasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens.