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Cortona3D kündigt eine Partnerschaft mit KARŌN für den weiteren Ausbau der Cortona3D Lösungen in der DACH Region an.

11 August, 2020

Cortona3D, das führende Unternehmen im Bereich der visuellen 3D-Kommunikations- und Publishing-Software, unterzeichnete eine Wiederverkäufer-Vereinbarung mit KARŌN, einem unabhängigen Beratungsunternehmen. Seit 1998 bietet KARŌN strategische Beratung und operative Management-Dienstleistungen an und wird nun die Cortona3D-Software in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz vertreten.


Cortona3D veröffentlicht RapidAuthor 13.0 mit Neuerungen für das S1000D Publikationsmodul, neuen 2D-Bearbeitungsfunktionen sowie Erweiterungen der Integration zu Teamcenter Active Workspace

5 August, 2020

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 13.0 unterstützt S1000D Publikationen, die aus mehreren Datenmodulen bestehen, bietet die Möglichkeit, Projekte in Teamcenter Active Workspace zu erstellen und Engineering-Daten in Projekte zu importieren. Des Weiteren liegen neue Funktionen für die Erstellung von Projektionen und Polygonen in 2D-Bildern vor.

RapidAuthor 13.0 unterstützt das Publikationsmodul, das...

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 12.1: further integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace and support for the magnifying glass in 2D and 3D illustrations

12 Februar, 2020

Cortona3D ( ) is releasing a new version of RapidAuthor, a toolkit for creating interactive technical publications. RapidAuthor 12.1 introduces the ability to create magnifying glasses in 3D and 2D illustrations, and the ability to open RapidAuthor projects for editing in Teamcenter Active Workspace, a client platform that provides...

Cortona3D RapidAuthor 12.0 makes the documentation development much faster and provides new features for creating S1000D compliant documentation

9 Oktober, 2019

Dublin, October 09, 2019 – Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 12.0, the latest version of the leading authoring suite for creating 2D/3D technical documentation for manufacturing and after sales support of complex machinery. The new version introduces accelerated CAD data import process and significantly optimized authoring of manuals and parts catalogs. It also contains a wide range of interface...

Flatirons Solutions® and Cortona3D Partner to Make Aircraft Maintenance More Interactive

7 Mai, 2019

Flatirons Solutions and Cortona3D are pleased to announce the integration of Cortona3D Solo rendering technology with the CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewers.

CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile by Flatirons Solutions are the aviation industry’s most advanced manufacturer-independent IETP viewers, allowing...

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1 with references to the Common Information Repository while editing S1000D 4.x documentation and new publishing options

19 März, 2019

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.1, the latest version of the leading authoring suite that enables enterprises to import a wide range of 3D assets and other PLM/ERP data creating 2D/3D technical documentation and automatically update it to reflect changes to source data. The latest version of RapidAuthor leverages the authoring and publishing solution for S1000D documentation. A new ‘S1000D 4...

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 11.0 with new publishing and authoring functionality for learning courses and with Smart Automatic Update

6 September, 2018

Cortona3D announces the latest release of leading authoring software in the areas of Spare Parts Catalogs, Assembly Work Instructions, 3D interactive Learning Courses and Maintenance Manuals. RapidAuthor version 11.0 upgrades not only the existing features for 3D and 2D graphics authoring and a better 2D image generation, but includes significant new features for authoring of S1000D learning...

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 10.1 with improved import and update option

1 März, 2018

Cortona3D ( ) announces the launch of RapidAuthor 10.1, a new version of its leading authoring tool that enables enterprises to reuse existing PLM data and CAD assets to author lightweight, interactive 3D/2D technical publications. RapidAuthor 10.1 offers new import configuration abilities to improve visual quality of 3D graphics. Normal...

InBusiness Magazine: Ireland’s contribution to the global space industry

29 Januar, 2018

It may come as something of a surprise, but the space sector in Ireland is increasingly big business. While the country isn’t launching its own rocket to the moon just yet, the development of its first ever satellite, EIRSAT-1, shows just how giant a leap the Irish have taken into the industry. A growing number of companies here work within the sector, facilitated largely by Ireland’s...

Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 10: a new version with a new name

1 August, 2017

Cortona3D ( ) rebrands its flagship product RapidAuthor S to RapidAuthor for Teamcenter. Rebranding covers authoring and auxiliary tools included in the “S” branch of Cortona3D product family, which is integrated with Teamcenter. A non-integrated version of RapidAuthor and its components will keep their current names.