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Inscape AR – modernized 3D technical content

Inscape AR is an intuitive authoring tool aimed to the industrials for creating modern interactive AR/VR applications for trainings, inspections, assembly or maintenance step-by-step procedures and publishing them easily on the most innovative media such as the Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive or Immersive Touch Screen.

Inscape AR lets enterprises superimpose Cortona3D content over some real equipment and add modern features to it:

  • Contextual access to multimedia and documentation content
  • Guidance in large environments or around equipment
  • Annotations and report generation
  • Digital comparison of 3D mockups
  • Remote assistance and videoconferencing
  • Collaborative tools
  • Connection to wearable systems and IoTs
  • System supervision through sensors

Inscape VTS – virtual maintenance trainers for your operators worldwide 

Inscape VTS makes 3D interactive scenario editing accessible to everyone by providing a set of tools for creating, executing and monitoring interactive training scenarios and publishing them easily for an appropriate learning environment, including E-learning mode, and Immersive practice. Procedural knowledge can be distributed globally without immobilizing of complex systems/vehicles for maintenance trainings.