Authoring Solutions for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Eliminates the Risk of Errors and Quality Irregularity
in Assembly and Service Operations

How does AR enhance the technicians’ capabilities of information perception?

While the physical world is three dimensional the technical information is provided separately from the physical equipment on 2D screens or even papers. The gap between the real and digital worlds hampers human abilities to effectively acquire information and translate it into action. AR fills this lack overlaying virtual graphics and digital data on real objects around us. The work instructions are superimposed on the physical machines in exactly the right context in which technicians refer to the information. This dramatically impacts on quality and productivity of complex manufacturing procedures.

Numerous industries that are safety and service oriented can benefit from Augmented Reality providing their technicians and service dealers with more efficient trainings and repair manuals.

Will your company benefit from AR? The answer is yes, if YOU:

  • Produce or provide after-sales service for complex technical products
  • Provide after-sales service in remote locations, and want to be able to monitor, operate, and fix those machines with fewer people on-site
  • Manufacture or operate and repair products with new technologies, which require new technical skills
  • Face the aging of the skilled workforce.

Cortona3D content-publishing concept: Author technical content once, then reuse and republish it for different formats and AR applications.

Customers can benefit from additional AR content creation by simply uploading their existing 3D publications into the ready-to- use AR platforms that are developed by Cortona3D partners. Any enterprise can easily publish Augmented Reality applications to Android and iOS devices as well as on smartglasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens without any programming skills.

AR platforms provided by the partners

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions provides the Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP). The CAP incorporates a wide expertise of Bosch in the after-sales and repair services on the automotive market. Augmented Reality when used in the repair shop increases both the speed and quality of vehicle repairs and has proved to be an extremely useful tool for training and education.

Diginext provides an editing platform Inscape AR that enables non-developers to create rich and interactive AR applications without coding. It also provides full compatibility with animation metadata for interactive navigation within the procedure steps and access to parts catalogs. The Inscape AR platform enables authors to embed user’s support documentation directly in serious games or virtual task training applications, in no more than a few clicks. The Inscape AR platform has been used by Airbus, Snecma, Alstom and other industrials from defense and civil security domains for training of forces and maintenance operations in the field.

RE’FLEKT’s Enterprise AR Ecosystem provides a powerful content creation platform and a remote expert solution to empower workers with flexible and customizable smart instructions on mobile devices and smart glasses. The content creation platform integrates into existing enterprise software and enables companies to easily convert existing CAD data and media content into Mixed Reality applications for maintenance, training and operations. The Remote Expert tool connects workers to immediate Augmented Reality support with dedicated experts in one simple click. More...